Case 1: fault detection + a complete stoppage of fresh air ventilation and filtration

On Friday, February 5th, 2021, our team was investigating rooms under management and noticed one room in particular had incredibly high temperature spikes into the high 90’s (Figure 1). Upon seeing that this room was currently at 94 degrees, we reached out to the facility manager and asked them to verify.

Figure 1: Temperature and humidity plots for room out of tolerance

The manager was near the location and immediately went to investigate. The facility staff engineer was called and reported the BAS system showed “high 70s”, however, the manager discovered that FacilityCoachTM was correct, and their BAS system was not. The facility manager reported: 

“the [occupants] are dealing with this condition by overriding (“hacking”) the fans in their unit ventilators with tools they have fashioned (see attached [Figure 2]). By doing so they are “controlling” temperatures themselves but only have two choices: freezer or sauna.”

Figure 2: Common tools to “hack” the system

The picture in figure 2 was provided to show that the occupants used common items to circumvent faulty equipment. It was later discovered that this also completely disabled the MERV-13 filtration and fresh air ventilation, exponentially increasing the danger of viral or pathogen spread and infection in the space. The below email (Figure 3) summarizes the findings from the facility manager.

Figure 3: Summarizing email from the facility manager

Our service can help you identify problems that otherwise go unnoticed, unreported, or misrepresented from skewed BAS data that have an impact on the occupants health and wellbeing. How long would this problem have persisted had FacilityCoachTM not been installed? Contact us to learn more.