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We help our clients monitor the vitals of their buildings to protect their customers and their property while saving time and resources through real time performance tracking, predictive analytics, and preventative measures.

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Be Where Your Customers Are.

Most buildings are only occupied and monitored 21% of the time. Mechanical problems go unnoticed the other 79% with costly consequences. Our solution allows building managers to be present while their buildings are unoccupied and receive real time alerts when something goes wrong. Our mold detection & prediction algorithm, machine learning tools, and automated notification processes achieve a new level of environmental quality assurance and take a preventive approach to mechanical problems that comes from a business perspective of cost avoidance. We’re the Fit-Bit for Facility Managers.

Click here to check out the EPA's call to action to procure a service like the one we offer.

Our Services

Our tools bring you realtime vitals tracking, predictive analytics, and preventative measures.

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Environmental Monitoring System

By tracking the vitals of your buildings we protect your customers and your property through machine learning. This saves you time and resources through performance analytics, automated maintenance orders, and reduced downtime. We build trust in your Facilities Management professionals with the overall goal of optimizing and maintaining a high level of indoor air qaulity (IAQ).

Benefits of our Service:

  • Real time vitals tracking and feedback
  • Trending data and analytics based on YOUR systems
  • Intuitive and user-friendly cloud access on smart devices
  • Mechanical system performance summaries
  • Generates actionable and useful data
  • Proactive initiation of work orders
  • Prevents unhealthy surprises
  • Saves time and money
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Bus Tracker®  Fleet Management - Coming Soon!

Bus Tracker®  generates actionable intelligence on the status of every bus in your fleet, enables predictive maintenance to reduce downtime and overall costs, and utilizes our Vehicle Black Box® VB2 to capture and analyze data in real time.

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Safety Agent®  Security Enhancement - Coming Soon!

Safety Agent®  provides threat detection through percussive noise monitoring and analysis, generates actionable notifications to panic alarms and administrators, and gives real-time threat mapping for immediate response and room occupancy status.

Our Team

We are a veteran-owned company dedicated to the people we serve.

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Norm Brumblay

Norm Brumblay serves as the Operations Director for the Clarksville - Montgomery County School System. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science degree in Business Management. He is a US Army veteran and served in the Persian Gulf War.

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Timothy Darrah

Tim Darrah holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and is currently a PhD student at Vanderbilt University. He is an expert programmer, and has extensive experience with IoT devices and applications. He is a US Army veteran and served in Afghanistan.

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Edmund Kuryla

Ed Kuryla holds degrees in Philosophy, Classics, and Computer Science. He works as a Software Engineer. His professional experience includes web development, database design, cloud engineering, and devops. He is a US Army veteran and served in Iraq.

Contact Us

Please contact us via phone, text, or email to inquire about our services and to schedule a demo.